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More at Less!

PHP is a serverside scripting language, which is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.PHP is a widely-used, efficient alternative to competitors such as ASP.

However, you need much more than an interactive site. Expertise of Moryaas adds value here. We focus on customers and their requirement, thus the usability of your website. Our PHP development is oriented to fully meet the needs of the users of your website.

Why Moryaas for Your PHP Development Needs?
Our team of PHP developers have years of experience, with the cumulative experience being more than 100 man years. Thus, we are expert with any functionality that you may require. From simple websites to comprehensive ecommerce sites and complex online applications, we have done it all. If you require site extensions, we have expertise for that. We create high performance web systems with PHP.

We stay updated to the latest developments in technology. We boost our developers to be active in the PHP community, so that our team is not merely the consumers of PHP tools, modules, extensions and add-ons, but are contributors in creating them.

The Integrated Approach
Moryaas has sound processes in place to ensure high quality development, on time. We review every line of code, with the intention of providing clean, workable codes. We focus on providing web and software solutions with all the necessary features and are truly scalable.
Our processes have lively approach and do not consider you as mere project. Our management and software engineering activities are standardized and documented. These activities are strategically planned and test documents are reviewed. The testing group is separate from PHP developers and the test results determine whether the software is ready.

We provide value for money.
The two things that count at the end of the day are the total project time. This is greatly reduced when you choose Moryaas for PHP development.

Our PHP Development Expertise
Our experienced PHP developers are highly qualified and are capable of managing projects of any size and depth without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the processes and the final product. From shopping carts to product catalogues and order tracking system, we have successfully catered to every aspect of the business generation need of our clients including customer feedback, RSS feed, blogs and web statics.

PHP Development Framework
We use frameworks which increases the efficiency of software development. CakePHP is a PHP development framework that provides a comprehensive architecture for developing, maintaining and deploying applications. CodeIgniter is another powerful framework for PHP development, used for creating full-featured web applications. The use of these frameworks helps us reduce project time and cost, where complete benefit is passed on to our clients.

Moryaas means efficient PHP programming. Moryaas will be a reliable partner whether you wish to build a onetime site or you need dedicated PHP developers for the project.